Tunisian marriage ban rescinded;

Free to Marry The goal of Women for Middle East Hope is to bring awareness to the United States about the issues that women in the Middle East and [...]

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Children in Poverty Get Taste of Abundant Life

A 7-year-old girl in a primitive seaside village in the Philippines who lacked everything thought she had nothing to give. Little Joy Torres didn’t have daily nourishing and guidance [...]

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Help Victims of Earthquakes in Mexico

Indigenous ministries are rushing to aid victims of earthquakes that shook central Mexico on Sept. 19 and Oaxaca state on Sept. 7. A Christian Aid Mission representative was [...]

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Bringing Criminals to Christ in Mali

The Muslim prisoner in Mali wouldn’t say what crime she had committed. Most of the women at the facility had been convicted of infanticide. Like most of the women [...]

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Help Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico

With Puerto Rico’s electrical grid destroyed by Hurricane Maria on Sept. 20, a trusted network of pastors on the main island will distribute as many gas-powered generators as [...]

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Salvation in Burma Comes at High Cost

As a 10-year-old girl in Burma (Myanmar), Shindy* had an illness that a shaman thought could be healed with some blood-letting from a long cut on her neck. The [...]

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