Mission Testimonials

Read about the experiences of missionaries who have traveled with Catapult Missions

Veronica and Alejandra


Veronica and Alejandra are a couple that love the Lord. When we first met them in 2003 they were not married yet. Both were seeking God through missions and had taken the Discipleship Training School in Uruguay.

This is a couple from Uruguay that has had many struggles for surviving in missions.

Many times we have been blessed to help them. During the year 2006 they took the counseling school and by 2007 they were helping to lead this school. Both of them are very hard workers and do their work unto the Lord. They believe God will provide in everything they need. In Uruguay it is harder to receive funds for mission work.

Part of our heart is to help the trained get to where they need to go. This year, 2009 was the catapult year for them. Catapult Missions helped send Alejandra & Veronica to the nation God was calling them, Bolivia. Now they are there getting ready to start a counseling school working at the Youth With a Mission base in Santa Cruz Bolivia. We praise God for all he will do through them.