To Encourage the body of Christ to move forward and do all that God is calling.

Train each willing worker from Latin America with Godly principals that impact life changes.

Send the confident stable believer of Jesus Christ into the nations.

We are training and equipping people to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

We are gathering people from the northern part of Mexico all the way to the southern tip of Argentina to learn, teach and minister. Our Uruguay location will serve as a launching pad to provide the needed training and teaching for our missionaries. They will then go to other nations and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The school will have two focuses: the training phase and the launching phase. As part of the training we will be teaching English to further enhance the reach of our students’ ministries and efficiency in the international community. At the end of the training phase we take the students on a one month practicum in January to a nation outside of Latin America.

Among our projects, we are planning to construct a training center at a strategic location in Uruguay with the capacity to house those singles and families seeking training, and those that will serve in the school.

We plan to have a Coffee Shop at a strategic point in the city, in order to minister to the youth. We already know that every city has a night life full of “excitement” and we want to use the ministry of a Coffee Shop to reach out, in a fun and integrating way, to the youth that would otherwise not enter a Christian establishment

We want to have an impact for God in the city and for this we are going to host and invite teams who can serve in this ministry. We also have the support of the YWAM (Youth With a Mission) in Uruguay, as a bridge of hope to share the love of Christ.

We want to bring Jesus to the streets and the teams from the United States helping in this work are always a great blessing.

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